Note: this list is outdated, we are working on a national directory that should be available soon.


 We are working on our directory list for group leaders in different towns and city suburbs.

We are inviting all the group leaders that want to be listed to send us their contact details like e-amail address, phone numbers and area or name of town.

 This is really a great need, because most of the e-mails that we receive are from people who are looking for a group where they can fellowship or study Torah.

(date today 11 Nov 2011)

This list is intended for Messianic congregations, groups and ministries. We will gladly list the name and contact details of your congregation/group/ministry. Please note that we don't list groups or congregations that are intolerant or judgemental towards other believers.

(This page is for groups in South Africa - we hope to soon launch our Messianics webpage where Messianics can list their groups internationally)

List of Messianic Congregations: South Africa:
Western Cape:

Beit Jezreel            
Erny Oertle, 021 788 5864 ,                  
Methodist Church, Muizengerg, Cape Town     

Sat 17h30 - Service

Beit Ariel Messianic Jewish Congregation  
Herschel Raysman, 021 434 0721 ,
Suite 307, 3rd Floor, The Regent, 
19-33 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town
Fri 18h15 - Service
Sat 10h00 - Torah study
Beit Netzarim Fellowship
Alan Booyens, 021 556 0198 / 074 116 3208
Pinelands, Cape Town

Hermanus Messianic Group
Herman Kuun, 083 726 0072

Birkenhead Visitor Centre or house in Sandbaai (phone to confirm) Fri 19h00 or Sat 16h00 - Service
Somset West - informal group
Tobie Brümmer / Marius , 082 896 9872
Somerset Wes
Emet Ministries
Manfred Nochomowitz, 082 571 6653 , Hatfield, Pretoria
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